W E   H E A R D   H I M   S A Y   I T :
"I will not support closing the Park Hill fire station."
-Mayor Patrick Henry Hays on September 2, 2008

Fire Station 5

Why 5 Is Special
One the surface, Fire Station 5 seems like most any other firehouse. There's a big red truck parked inside and firefighters live there 24 hours a day. But one thing makes Station 5 unlike any other firehouse in the city...  Since 1992, it has been a rescue-only station.

Housing a rescue company instead of an engine company, Fire Station 5 pulls double duty from its home in the 3400 block of Magnolia. It is first to respond to medical calls and small emergencies on Park Hill, like neighborhood engine companies do. But it also responds to all structure fire calls and vehicle accidents with injuries anywhere in NLR north of Interstate 40.

This workload is a reason that Rescue 5 responded to nearly 1,800 calls in 2007 and was the busiest fire company in the city!

Fire Station 5 was built in 1938 and is the oldest fire house in the city. It served as the headquarters for the original Park Hill Volunteer Fire Department!

Rescue Company 5 runs a 2004 Ferrara Rescue Pumper on an International chassis. It is equipped to do the work of both a fire engine with its pump and water tank and a rescue truck with its variety of tools.

Response Area
Rescue 5 is the first line of defense against fire for Park Hill and is also the northside rescue company for all parts of the city north of Interstate 40.

Rescue Company 5 is staffed by two firefighters 24 hours a day. Firefighters work 24 hour tours of duty followed by 48 hours off duty.

Run Volume
Station 5 responds to an average of five calls per day, which puts it among the busiest stations in the city year in and year out.

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