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"I will not support closing the Park Hill fire station."
-Mayor Patrick Henry Hays on September 2, 2008

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NLR Fire Stations
There are 10 fire stations staffed in North Little Rock with firefighters and a variety of engine companies, truck companies & rescue companies.

Each fire station is responsible for a specific area of the city in which it handles medical calls and other small emergencies by itself and in which it is the first unit to arrive at vehicle accidents and fire calls.

No one station is equipped to handle structure fires by itself, so stations from multiple neighborhoods are dispatched. A house fire in Park Hill may see fire companies from Station 6 in Levy, Station 7 in Lakewood or Station 9 in Indian Hills. The battalion chief, which is in charge of the entire city, responds from Station 1 in Downtown.

For injury vehicle accidents, the closest engine company and one of the department's rescue companies are dispatched. Rescue 5 in Park Hill is dispatched to all vehicle accidents with injuries north of I-40!

Fire Station 1
Fire Department Headquarters
8th & Maple Streets, Downtown
Engine 1, Truck 1, Rescue 1
Battalion 924

Fire Station 2
3700 E. Broadway, Rose City
Engine 2

Fire Station 3
15th & Schaer Streets, Baring Cross
Engine 3

Fire Station 4
8723 Maumelle Blvd., Maumelle Area
Engine 4

Fire Station 5
3417 Magnolia Street, Park Hill
Rescue 5

Fire Station 6
3500 Camp Robinson Road, Levy
Engine 6

Fire Station 7
2401 McCain Blvd., Lakewood
Engine 7, Truck 7

Fire Station 8
6550 MacArthur Drive, Amboy
Engine 8

Fire Station 9
JFK Blvd. & Osage Drive, Indian Hills
Engine 9

Fire Station 10
8800 Hwy. 70 East
Engine 10

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