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"I will not support closing the Park Hill fire station."
-Mayor Patrick Henry Hays on September 2, 2008

Rescue 5 Pumps At A Fire

Learn The Lingo
Anything that's red and has firefighters on it tends to get called by a variety of names... fire engines and fire trucks probably top the list. But did you know there is actually a difference between an engine company, truck company and rescue company?

Engine Companies
Engine 1 - 8th & Maple Sts., Downtown
Engine 2 - 3700 E. Broadway Ave., Rose City
Engine 3 - 15th & Schaer, Baring Cross
Engine 4 - 8723 Maumelle Blvd.
Engine 6 - 3500 Camp Robinson Rd., Levy
Engine 7 - 2401 McCain Blvd., Lakewood
Engine 8 - 6550 MacArthur Drive, Amboy
Engine 9 - JFK & Osage Dr, Indian Hills
Engine 10 - 8800 Hwy. 70 East

Truck Companies
Truck 1 - 8th & Maple Sts. (Southside)
Truck 7 - 2401 McCain Blvd (Northside)

Rescue Companies
Rescue 1 - 8th 7 Maple Sts. (Southside)
Rescue 5 - 3417 Magnolia St. (Northside)

Engine Company
This is the most common type of fire company in any fire department. An engine company consists of a pumper truck that carries water and hose as well as the firefighters that staff it (usually 3 in North Little Rock). At a fire scene, engine companies are typically responsible for extinguishing the fire. Because there is an engine company located in almost every neighborhood, engine companies also respond to medical emergencies and establish care ahead of an ambulance.

Truck Company
Truck Companies consist of a ladder truck that features many ground ladders, a large aerial ladder (usually 100 feet or more) and the firefighters that staff it. At a fire scene, truck companies are often responsible for forcing entry into buildings, placing ground ladders for rescue or escape and cutting ventilation holes to allow smoke and gases to escape. There are two truck companies in North Little Rock and one is dispatched on all structure fire responses.

Rescue Company
Rescue Companies consist of a rescue truck and the firefighters that staff it. A rescue truck is essentially a tool box on wheels. Most notably, they carry "Jaws of Life" tools for extricating persons trapped in motor vehicle accidents. There are two rescue companies in North Little Rock and one is dispatched on all motor vehicle accidents with injuries, on all structure fire responses and to medical calls in their station's district.

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